Techniques and Specialized Procedures

On ECUAGENLABS we: analyze, test, validate and deliver highly accurate diagnoses. Our efforts are based on the following foundations:

Techniques and Specialized Procedures

Our work is built upon the latest techniques that allow a precise diagnosis of DNA diseases on humans and research on viruses, organisms and bacteria’s DNA.

Ecuagenlabs is based on this scientific discipline to study vital processes that develop on living beings from a molecular perspective.

Contributing in a meaningful way on the molecular diagnosis of diseases like ZIKA, CHIKUNGUNYA and DENGUE. Serving as an essential link in research centers and also providing new advances on the scientific development of various related fields such as chemistry and the drug industry.

Identifying acute and chronic respiratory infections through molecular test panels automatized by the PCR technique.

We also offer specialized training on transportation, use, diagnosis and research on every equipment and specialized devices or tools used in the field of molecular biology.

Ecuagenlabs is equipped with technology that is both recognized and certified by all of our key international associates worldwide.

Our Clients

ECUAGENLABS has the commitment to comply with our clients by offering an innovative and advanced technology to give highly precise results on time. Moreover, our team is made up a group of highly qualified professionals in the area.

Alliances and partnerships:

Counseling and application of researches, thesis projects and internships with:

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We innovate and stay updated with the latest technology on the diagnose of tropical, infectious and viral diseases.