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We are a laboratory specialized on Molecular Biology. Our mission is to provide our patients and clients the most trustable and precise lab techniques in regards of complex test panels.
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We are backed up by high quality standards and good practices from our providers so we are able to guarantee the precision of our results.

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BSc. Cathy Ordoñez
BSc. Cathy Ordoñez
BSc Clinical Laboratory
Graduated from the State University of Guayaquil and specialized on molecular genetics. Also experienced on the extraction of DNA and NRA.
MD. Angel Velez Ch.
Doctor of Medicine
M.D and surgeon from the State University of Guayaquil; experienced on researches about the genotyping of the Human Papillomavirus Infection.
MD. Efrén Santos
MD. Efrén Santos
Phd. Bioengineering
Biologic Engineer Graduated from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven and specialized in Biologic Chemistry.
MD. Héctor Zambrano
MD. Héctor Zambrano
M.D., M.Sc., PhD (c)
M.D and surgeon. M.Sc on Molecular Biology. PhD(c) on Reserch Dermatology from Yale University, USA.
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We innovate and stay updated with the latest technology on the diagnose of tropical, infectious and viral diseases.